Web site of Alessandro Puzielli

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts.
(Jacques, Act II, scene vii, "As you like it", William Shakespeare)

About me

I'm interest in engineering, computer science, sciences, arts, history, philosophy, literature, economy, politics, Asia and, recently, numismatics. What else?


I work as a computer engineer in Milan: I have always been involved in software development on Java/J2EE technology stack as an employee of consulting firms.
I am also a member of the professional associations:

In addition to the issues most closely related to my office work, I am also interested in project management, measuring software products and projects and Agile and Lean methodologies.
I also keep updated on the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence: I reviewed the book "Deep Learning and the game of GO" by Max Pumperla and Kevin Ferguson, published by Manning.
In the past, I have been interested in programming topics; along the years, I want to expand my career interests about:

  • Technical topics

    • Cloud computing (overall NOSql databases)
    • Bitcoin programming
    • Artificial Intelligence
  • Management topics

    • Measurement of software projects and artifacts;
    • Theory about quality of software;
    • Productivity of the programming paradigms

Humanistic topics

In my spare time I read some texts of philosophy, first at all Nietzsche, Descartes, Giorgio Colli and Arthur Schopenauer. I like to study and keep up with the news about the Asia, both at the religious level (where Islam is the religion I understand best) andand at the cultural level (history and philosophies): I don't reputate myself as an expert in the contemporary politics, since this topic requires a knowledge of detail and an overall vision that I don't have.


I am interested in history and economics, especially from the point of view of the Austrian Economic School: as a result, I am also interested in politics and independence news, although I am not very convinced of some stances towards the Italian Resurgence.
From the high school, my favorite historical periods have been the 17th century, when the foundations of the state bureaucratic structure were built, and the 19 century, when the formation of European states was witnessed.
Interest in the economy came later.
At first I was little interested in it, also thanks to a annoying book about the introduction to economics of the economic newspaper IlSole24Ore: I rediscovered this interest in February 2006 thanks to the reading of "Freedom and the Law" by Bruno Leoni, which I bought out of curiosity and that was part of a series of books sold with the newspaper Libero.
From there it was a continuous deepening, especially reading the texts published by LiberiLibri and UsemLab.


From the new knowledge of economics and the revolutionary perspective I received from the Austrian Economic School I learned the importance of the gold standard in history, I became interested in numismatics, trespassing in banknotes and scripophilia with different level, because each of these three topics takes time and resources to be approached with some seriousness.
I have not yet chosen a particular strand, for now I document myself: I think that I will be interested in the coins of the Italian states before the national unification.
It is a very complex hobby because, in order to move between the occasions, you have to know many notions of history, metallurgy and art and also the sector allotment market (not only Italian, but even global) does not provide the right tools to orient oneanotherced among the various prices.
Banally, reading many interventions in the forums, it seems that specialized catalogs show average prices that are not related to the particular reality of each collector.


I enjoy to take picture: I have a Canon and recently I have been starting to use only fixed lenses.