Web site of Alessandro Puzielli

All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts. (Jacques, Act II, scene vii, "As you like it", William Shakespeare)


About me

I'm interest in engineering, computer science, sciences, arts, history, philosophy, literature, economy, politics, Asia and, recently, numismatics. What else?


I work as software engineer and analyst programmer in Milano (Italy). I have been working as IT Consultant and Java developer in more companies.
In the past, I have been interested in programming topics; along the years, I expanded my career interests in:

  • Technical topics
    • AI;
    • Big Data;
    • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies;
  • Management topics
    • Measurement of software projects and artifacts;
    • Modelization of business processes;



I like reading: I prefer to use the paperback edition, not e-books, because for me reading a book is a way to relax far from computer.
Generally I read essays about history or economy: sometimes I read also novels or short stories of European writers (from Russia to France). Up until now, in my goodreads bookcase, I had review some books.



Recently I started interest in numismatics: in my opinion it is a cross point of history, arts and economy. Up until now I don't have decided the collection's topic: in this moment I'm reading and studying the general notions.



I get always involved in studies about politics and economy.
My main occasion fell in 2006 reading the book "The Freedom and the Law" of Bruno Leoni: ever since I'm studying the Austrian School and the Libertarianism.
Pleasantfully, in the past, I translated some article for Istituto Ludwig Von Mises Italia, the Italian version of more popular Mises Institute in Auburn, Texas (USA).